Brock & Caroline
Brock & Caroline

Brock & Carolin

When we began planning our wedding in Germany, we knew that a traditional ceremony wouldn’t cut it. We are a multi-national couple and many of our guests would be English speakers while others would only understand German. The cultural backgrounds of our guests would also, therefore, be quite diverse.

So we wanted a wedding that would really bring these guests together and we felt that the best way to do so would be to communicate our special story and use it as the focal point in our ceremony along with the freedom to design it independently from the standard church mass. The delivery of our story had to come from someone special. Someone who understood our love and felt confident talking about it…while switching between two languages!

This is where Jacomien comes in:

We came across Jacomien after a quick search online and before we knew it we were sitting down to a Skype introduction with her to talk details and arrange a date to visit her for a face-to-face meeting. The meeting, at Jacomien’s family home, was great. We ended up spending 5 hrs chatting and laughing with her and her husband, telling them our story and how we met. In the several months to follow, Jacomien turned this conversation into a delightful speech.

Jacomien’s presentation at the wedding was truly beyond what we had imagined. In fact, we constantly receive compliments from friends and family months after the ceremony. She brought us to tears, made us laugh and gave us the feeling that we were all participating in something very special. She was able to flow seamlessly from English to German and back so that all of our guests could participate. Most importantly, our ceremony gave us the feeling that Jacomien was a person whom we’ve known all of our lives.

We are forever grateful to Jacomien and her family and will never forget the experience she provided us!


Photo credits Marina Stauvermann